Complete kit ready to go !!!

Trailer two axles, ramp door*. Included: ladder rack.

Included all the equipment for cleaning.

- Please choose the electric portable machine in the option.

- The best compressor on the market adapted to the needs of companies in air duct cleaning! 150 PSI at 24.5 CFM Includes a pulley clutch for easy starting in cold weather

- 11 rods, 4 types of nozzles (rotating and fixed), 4 different types of whips, D-Ball

- 1 rotary powerjet 25 'and 50', 1 Nexa 25 'with ballvalve, 1 Micro-Bullet whip and a 5' ballvalve

- Dryer collector

-Turboshear, Chipcollector, Holesaw 1''3 / 8, 500 Plugs, 1 case of 13 '' grillmask, 1 case of 8 '' grillmask, 4 cane of edgesealer, 1 pack of 25 metal sheets, 1 pack of 25 microfibers. Box of screws, 2 aluminum tapes.

- 1 fogger

- 1 case of OXY Ecologo disinfectant

- 1 Pack-out Milwaukee tool box with Milwaukee drill and impact kit. Screwdriver kit and small tools.

-Sheet metal rack, hook and strap included.

-24 'ladders, 3 steps and stepladder

-Nexview inspection camera
-Storage bag for rods

Includes complete installation of equipment in the trailer.

It is no longer enough to attach the trailer to your vehicle and go to work !!!


* The model and size may vary depending on availability.

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