Nexair™ 2500 🌪 - 2500 CFM Negative Air Machine
  • Nexair™ 2500 🌪 - 2500 CFM Negative Air Machine

    SKU: NSV-2500

    The ultimate negative air machine on the market. Perfect to make negative pressure in air exchanger duct and small ductwork system. The handlebar can be removed for easy handling. 


    Section 1: Motor (89 Lbs)   

    Section 2: Filter pod certified H.E.P.A  (34 Lbs) 


    Fully made in aluminum with stainless steel accessories for lightweight and heavy-duty use. 1.5 HP 115V Motor. Easy to carry by only 1 person with the integration of an inclined stair climber kit. 


    3 stages filtrations : 

    1: Cube filter; Cube filter 15X15X4 . 

    2: pleated air filter  16X16X2.Use to protect the H.E.P.A Filter.

    3: H.E.P.A Filter 99.97% Metal frame H.E.P.A Filter 15X15X4 with a screen grill on each side.   


    Includes: 12' X 10''  flexible succion hose


    Industrial quality parts. 2500 cfm free air

    21'' X 21 X 21'' Motor box       With pod : 36'' total


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    SKU: NSV-2500


    Youtube video here.